Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perfume promiscuity

In a world where there's so much pressure to be the right body shape, the right height, to wear the right clothes, have the perfect career, perfume remains a pleasure that is unique to you -- married to your memories and in constant interplay with a very personal aspect, the scent of your own body.

I don't stick to one perfume. Even if I rotate promiscuously, certain scents still do remind me of stressful or uncomfortable or downright painful moments, i.e. a serious, screaming quarrel. So the solution for me is not to get too attached to a single fragrance. Or go fragrance-free when I know I'll be going into something stressful, like a confrontation, so as not to have to deal with the memories afterwards.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kept by my pillow while I travelled

I knew Jim and Neal long ago, 20 years ago in fact. Jim is in South Africa at present, Neal in Israel. I mean to get these books inscribed. Someday.

Copenhagen, pastel pretty

Final approach to Kastrup airport, last leg of a 20-hour journey from Manila.