Monday, November 12, 2012

"Singapore perfumes" : a subversive fragrance pyramid

A while back, on the perfume forum to which I occasionally post, a lady wanted to know what “Singapore perfumes” were. She came from Singapore and had never heard of the term.
Well, I explained, bluntly put, “Singapore perfumes” is a term, or a euphemism, devised by small retailers in the Philippines for counterfeit designer perfumes.

First, what makes them counterfeit, and different from knock-offs, dupes or imitations?  

Review: Cabotine de Gres

What a beauty indeed. It comes across as a white floral that has the greenness of the perfumes in that old, grand tradition (I'm thinking of the Miss Diors (original), the Rive Gauches). As I sniffed I sensed a cold metallic tinge, a particular combination of notes perhaps, that reminded me of

Reviews: Must II de Cartier & Ambre de Cabochard

Must II de Cartier EDT

I purchased a vintage 50ml bottle of Must II de Cartier EDT on the net. Perhaps the citrus top notes have faded with time, as I don't sense them, and the entire fragrance feels like it could be a slightly paler version of itself. Nonetheless, it’s the gem of my collection right now... the bottle is the kind that when you hold it, you feel a tightening in your chest.