Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Querida : an anthology about mistresses



I'm very pleased and proud to be part of a new anthology titled Querida, a word of Spanish origins which in the Philippines means “mistress.”

My piece is a semi-fictionalized biography of Josephine Bracken, best known for her scandalous relationship with the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, but whose days as a revolutionary fighter (the war for independence against Spain in the late 1890s) have been largely forgotten.

Love the cover photo. Definitely evokes the old-time concept of mistresses -- and a reference to the days when people all smelled a bit of violets and roses, and more than a little bit skanky under their clothes.

The anthology is edited by Caroline Hau, Katrina Tuvera and Isabelita O. Reyes, and is published by Anvil. It will be in Philippine bookstores and possibly available on-line very soon.



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