Saturday, September 15, 2012

Over the Carpathian Mountains

Over the Carpathian Mountains, flying from Cluj to Bucharest in a Tarom propeller plane.

Here's a street crossing at the southern end of Bucharest.

And some interesting buildings in the center of the city: Bucharest, like most everywhere, is a place of contrasts. The last picture is of the Arcul de Triumf on Kiseleff Road at the northern part of the city. 
We had a five-hour stopover, on our way to Vienna, and what we did was get aboard an airport bus and ride all the way to the final stop -- I believe it was Piata Sudului on the southern end of town. We hopped off and spent a few minutes taking shots of people and cityscapes. I glimpsed what seemed to be a charming sidestreet with stucco facades, in between the walls of modern concrete, and so we headed towards what we hoped would be a lunch at a cafe on the sidewalk. Instead, we found a designer coffee shop and, on the other side of the narrow street, a bakery, where I took a shot of the wares.
Armed with iced tea from the adjacent convenience store, we sat in a mini-park to have our lunch, and boarded the return airport bus, from which I took the shots above.
And that was our Bucharest...
What was I doing in Romania? That's for another post...

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