Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Cabotine de Gres

What a beauty indeed. It comes across as a white floral that has the greenness of the perfumes in that old, grand tradition (I'm thinking of the Miss Diors (original), the Rive Gauches). As I sniffed I sensed a cold metallic tinge, a particular combination of notes perhaps, that reminded me of

an aspect of Elizabeth Arden Splendor, a big floral bouquet . Then these top notes gave way to a lusher white floral in the Gaultier Fragile mode, but refined and ladylike. It is a classic scent, crisp and yet sensual, not the sort of thing that would appeal to a contemporary teenage girl. No trace of sugar or fruit, no unctuousness, no leather nor incense, not aquatic, but not grass-green either. Green and white and silver, or perhaps steel-gray, are the colors it evokes. I think of ladies in beautifully-tailored suits, ladies who wear gloves. I would think that this is Tendre Poison's beautiful, discreet, experienced aunt. The spray is very fine -- an atomizer that produces atoms -- so the scent of Cabotine on me was not overwhelming: I wonder if it would become lusher and more jungly in tropical heat, as it does have that potential. After decanting a sample, I wiped my fingers on a dress hanging in my closet, a closet perfumed by a powerful, synthetic night-blooming jasmine Arabian potpourri. Two days later, I stuck my head in and thought, wow, that awful synthetic stuff smells gorgeous today. But I was wrong. It was the Cabotine, as strong as ever. Cabotine won.

(review originally posted in slightly different form on Fragrantica,, under username Lakambini)

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